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Waterloo WL-14XTR, WL14, X-Braced, Truss Rod, Black, Small Neck - NEW

(NEW) When times are tough and the chips are down, few things inspire like a new guitar.... and what could be more inspiring than one of the most responsive, lightly-built, honest sounding flattops currently in production?  

The WL-14 has become a musical companion to thousands at this point, the brainchild of Bill Collings and directly inspired by the simple inexpensive guitars that were being produced by Gibson (under a variety of brand names) during the depression.  The Collings team has updated the building techniques, certainly, and is using excellent materials... but the spirit remains the same.

This particular guitar is jet black with ivoroid trim and pick guard.  "Small Neck" option means a modified low oval with 1 3/4" nut width and 2 3/8" string spacing at the ebony saddle.  The top is select spruce, the back and sides solid Honduras mahogany.  It has a short scale and a dry, woody sound.  Golden Age tuners with ivoroid buttons.  Original TKL hard case.   

Serial #3549
AMW Price: $2,450 (Online checkout, Waterloo MAP price)

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