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Waterloo WL-14 LTR, Ladder-Braced, Truss Rod, Small Neck, Jet Black - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) We've seen a lot of these now... we are, and have been smitten since the beginning. An enduring gift from the mind of Bill Collings, the Waterloo WL-14 never fails to delight.  

Back when sunburst was the only thing on the menu, we were thinking about one of our favorite singer/songwriters Rodney Crowell, and how he could sometimes be seen toting around an old Gibson L-00 with a "tuxedo" finish... wouldn't that be cool on a 'Loo, we suggested... and lo and behold, our wish was granted and the black WL-14 is almost as popular as the 'burst at our shop.

Couldn't help but spin "The Houston Kid" as we unboxed this one, and wouldn't you know it... showed up perfectly in tune, and SCREAMED at first strum with a heavy pick! In a shop full of great guitars, this one seems to have even a little something extra. That's no joke! We see a lot of these! See paragraph 1!

Classic WL-14: Spruce top, mahogany b/s, lightly built with Sitka ladder-bracing pattern, "small" modified low oval neck profile, and jet black finish. Truss rod included. 1 3/4" nut, 2 3/8" string spacing at the saddle. TKL case. A roaring good Waterloo! Many, many songs to be played on this little puppy.

Serial #3608
AMW Price: $2,450

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