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Pisgah Custom 11" A Scale Open-Back Banjo, Cherry - NEW

(NEW) Here's one you don't see every day, but that we're seriously enjoying!  This plucky little banjo was designed with a short 23 1/2" scale to be tuned to A (vs standard banjo tuning of G) and new and pleasing tones are now on the menu!  The tonewood selection is inspired: the cherry rim and neck have more figuring than we usually see, and that figured Persimmon fingerboard gets us every time.  

1 1/4" nut width, 1 3/4" string spacing at the bridge.  Brass hardware, including tuners.    Spiked at 7.  Includes Pisgah branded gig bag. 

Serial #3070
AMW Price: $1,755

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710