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Kevin Kopp K-35, K35 Jumbo, Torrefied Adirondack Spruce, Mahogany, Faded Cherry Sunburst, Relic - SOLD


(NEW) Our best-selling guitar from Kevin Kopp is the K-35, his wonderful and soulful interpretation of the legendary short scale Jumbo.  To our ears, there is none finer.  The K-35 has authoritative bass and volume, but also a fascinating clarity and sweetness, and it plays just about every style perfectly.  Everyone in our shop is a proud owner of a Kopp guitar, but this one has us all checking in at home: "Come on!  Just one more!!!"

This one is the mahogany jumbo on steroids: Torrefied Adirondack spruce top for maximum headroom, quickest response, and a played-in sound right out of the box.  New Faded Cherry sunburst finish, hand-rubbed to perfection.  This is one of our first ever "closet find" relic jobs from Kevin, featuring carefully applied finish checking, a few shallow body marks, and tarnished hardware to make you instantly comfortable putting the guitar through its paces.  There is a little controversy around relic'd acoustics, but the tonal benefits of the thin finish have us hooked!

1 3/4" nut on a comfortable shallow "C" shaped neck.  Short scale with Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge.  Bone pins and nice tall bone saddle.  Figured ebony headcap with pearl logo.  Includes original hard case. 

A unique and wonderful guitar from one of the best to ever do it.  We get just a handful of a guitars from Mr. Kopp every year, and our last batch is long gone.  Based on our conversations the last few months, this is one of our most anticipated Kopp guitars ever!!  Nobody else has one like this, don't miss out!  Kevin's guitars are the stuff of legend.  

AMW Price: $5,795 (Online check out)