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Kevin Kopp K-185 Classic, Engelmann Spruce, Maple, Sunburst - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) Sometimes you open a guitar case for the first time and you have to take a minute to catch your breath... that's what happened when we saw this stunning K-185 from Kevin Kopp.  This instrument has so many amazing aesthetic details, it's hard to be believe it's the work of just one man!  One very, very talented guitar buildin' man!

The K-185 is Kopp's "small jumbo" model, and it sports a wide lower bout and a narrow waist.  There is an inherent versatility to the shape, since it give you the some of the best traits of small and large guitars.  It has a lot of volume and great bass response, but there is also a roundness to the trebles that give it almost an archtop/jazzy vibe when played up the neck.  The top is Engelmann spruce, known for its warmth, and the back and sides are quilted maple, known for clarity and projection.  There is a dry thump, surely, but also a tonal complexity the greatly pleases us. 

Okay okay, now can we talk about how this guitar LOOKS?  Lordy!  Kevin's famous hand-rubbed sunburst has an unmatched depth, and when he also puts it on the back, sides and neck, it's pretty much game over... the visual depth that the color adds to the maple is really something to behold.  We also love the extensive ivoroid trim that winds its way all over the instrument, it's bold and beautiful with just a touch of cowboy charm.  The large block fingerboard inlays catch the light and reflect their subtle green and violet hues.  Just a gorgeous presentation.

The K-185 is a short scale instrument, 24 3/4" to be exact, and this one has a 1 3/4" nut and 2 1/4" string spacing at the saddle.  One-piece maple neck with bound fingerboard and peghead.  Madrose fingerboard and bridge, bone nut, saddle and pins.  Waverly tuners with ebony buttons.  Bound soundhole and pick guard.  Includes original TKL hard case.

A very, very special instrument from one of our favorite builders!  

Serial #0840518
AMW Price: $6,100 (ON HOLD) 

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