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Huss and Dalton DS 12-Fret Custom, Thermo-Cured Sitka, Cocobolo, Sunburst - NEW - SOLD

(NEW) The 12-fret dreadnought is, we admit, just too darned much guitar for a lot of players.  They are absolutely unmatched for bass response, warmth, and just OOMPH!  Their shorter necks make them very comfortable, and their bold sound doesn't get nearly enough recognition.  We aim to help change all that with our newest custom from Huss & Dalton!  Our go-to wood combo of cooked Sitka spruce and gorgeous Cocobolo has once again scintillated us with its sonic splendor.  This thing rips.  

Possibly the best "strummer" in the whole store, this guitar responds effortlessly and dynamically to even the lightest picking.  It has horsepower to spare.  Torrefied Sitka gives a well-worn sound, even in this brand new box... and Cocobolo is cherished here for its complex yet focused overtones.  We don't really miss Braz a bit when we throw a few chords down on this box (nor do we miss the price tag!!)

Specs include 1 23/32" nut width and 2 3/16" string spacing at the saddle.  Soft mod V neck profile with satin finish, fast and comfortable.  Dark '30s style sunburst gives this guitar a "Smeck" vibe, but maple binding adds a touch of elegance.  Short 24.9" scale.  Cocobolo headcap matches the back and sides, and snowflake inlays are a subtle but beautiful touch.  Smooth matte finish neck with glossy Cocobolo heel cap.  Waverly tuners with oval knobs and H&D tweed TKL case included.

A fantastic dreadnought that will remind you why you love big guitars!

Serial #5282
List Price: $6,608... AMW Price: SOLD

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