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Gold Tone ResoUke Resophonic Concert Ukulele, Brass Body - NEW

(NEW) Here's a good bit of fun!  We've heard all of the resophonic ukes, and while most are loud enough, not many have the kind of musicality that this Gold Tone ResoUke has!  From the Gold Tone site: 

"The Gold Tone ResoUke will delight any ukulele player. Its 14.5" concert scale is very comfortable to play, and the ResoUke's tone carries better than that of a wood-bodied uke thanks to its reverse-cone resonator with biscuit bridge, and its resonant brass body. The Gold Tone/Beard resonator coverplate features a removable palm rest, so there's no need to detach the strings and remove the entire coverplate in order to adjust string action, break angle, string spacing or to replace the bridge saddle. The palm rest can also be shimmed to different heights for perfect right hand comfort. The ResoUke also features a bone nut, a Canadian hard rock maple bridge saddle, 14:1 geared Kluson-style tuning machine heads and custom-gauged nylon strings for the best possible tone. Includes heavy-duty gig bag."

AMW Price: $499 (Online checkout)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710