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Collings I-35 LC Aged Jet Black, ThroBak Humbuckers, Bigsby - NEW

(NEW) We're inviting you to turn up the twang with this awesome Collings I-35 LC, outfit with ThroBak pickups and a genuine Bigsby trem system.  Versus the standard-issue Lollar low-wind Imperial pickups, we hear the ThroBaks as having a little more detail overall, with more note separation as they're being overdriven.  Having that extra detail is great for Bigsby-friendly styles like the blues, rockabilly and surf rock.  Even if you aren't a heavy twanger, you might enjoy the increased sustain created by adding a little bit of mass to the guitar.  

This one is finished in Aged Jet Black, meaning that subtle finish checking has been added to the body and peghead (not on the neck shaft) for a played-in look without face play wear like dings and missing paint.  The aged version of the finish also comes with pre-tarnished hardware.  Around here, we love an aged Collings because it introduces an immediate level of comfort, you can play it with abandon not thinking about that first ding, scuff or pick swipe.  

Laminated maple construction with original '59 inspired C neck profile.  ThroBak SLE101 pickups.  Short 24.9" scale length with 1 11/16" nut.  Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays.  Bigsby tremelo system.  Aged Gotoh tuners.  Guitar weight is 7lbs, 7oz.  Price includes original hard case. 

Serial #232229
AMW Price: $8,525 (Online checkout, Collings 2024 MAP price)

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