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Collings 360 LT-M Baritone, Offset, Jet Black, Mastery Bridge and Tremelo - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) Well, here we go... we wait a nice long time to get new Collings electric guitars in to the shop (everyone does, it's okay...) so when they finally appear, there is an energy in the air... an excitement that makes us wonder why the heck we declared ourselves so "ACOUSTIC" in the first place???  

For fans of the status quo, click away now.  See you later.  Buh-bye.  The 360 Baritone is probably not for you.  This instrument is a wellspring of inspiration, of tones below, of sonic excitement that you may have never experienced, and very well may not be ready for today.  The 360 body is Collings' offset entry, a riff on your Jazzmasters and Jaguars.. but of course done with all of the Colling attitude and attention to detail.

Ash body, not a feather, but not heavy by any stretch.  Baritone starts with a low B, so B-E-A-D-F#-B, but guess what, that's still standard tuning!  So all the shapes and figures from all of your intensive hours of practicing transfer *perfectly* and you're unlikely to skip a beat.  It is more of a door opening, swinging open, really, to new sonic realms.  Perfectly executed.  Collings always has your back.

Smooth, Shiny, Jet Black Finish!  Jason Lollar alnico-pole P90 pickups have impeccable clarity and balance.  Clean them up with a gentle brush of the tone knob, or ping them for strong, insistent tones.  They can do it all.  The Mastery bridge/tremelo system is uncanny... you have to really, I mean REALLY go to great lengths to knock this thing out of tune!  The action of the trem is elegant and musical... there is nothing else like it.

Scale length = 27.5" and the neck is Collings' usual "C" shape.  1 11/16" nut width.  Madagascar RW fingerboard.  3-ply mint pick guard.  Ameritage hard case.

What else???   Weight?  It's perfect.  If you need an exact figure, you might be able to call and get it... but... if that's your game, this guitar is probably not for you.  Serious adventurers only. 

AMW Price: $5,850 (Online checkout, Collings 2023 MAP price)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710