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Beard Model E Custom, Flamed Maple, Hipshot Bridge, Calton Case - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) OK, all you fans of SQUARE-NECK RESOPHONIC GUITARS. Next year is our 20th year, so we'd thought we'd do a little early anniversary gift shopping. The great thing about anniversaries is they come with permission to go all-in, and perhaps be a bit indulgent and extravagant. Well...We did and it is! 

We called our friends at Beard Guitars and said "we want your best" and they did not disappoint! After some discussion of custom features and phrases like "ultimate," "heirloom grade," "one-of-a-kind," and "over-the-moon, we decided on this...

We present the Sultan of slide guitars, the most royal of resophonics, Summa Cum Laude of Squarenecks, the Flux capacitor of fortissimo, the dang goodenest dobro to ever deliver the goods our way :-) 

It's all that and more. It's Paul Beard's flagship model E in excruciatingly fine flame maple, with dark walnut binding, a Celtic theme throughout with Celtic weave headstock inlay and Celtic knot cover plate. Sure, she's pretty, but under the hood lies Paul Beard's Legend cone and the HipShot DoubleShot D tuning system with roller nut, locking tuners, and a license to change key with a vengeance. 

Did we mention we had our friends at Calton cases build us a special eye-popping Sundance Glitter case with special padding for the HipShot DoubleShot? Perhaps we should have mentioned that. Oh, and since we know this studio and stage quality instrument will spend abundant time plugged in to a PA system, of course we equipped it with the Jerry Douglas Signature series pickup and Aura Imaging Pedal. Of course we did!

Thank you Paul Beard and the fine folks at Beard Guitars, and a big thanks to our local pedal steel and dobro man, Pete Freeman, for his work on the demos. 

Serial #1285-21
AMW Price: $6,990 (includes Calton case)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710