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Beard Deco Phonic Sidecar R-127, Engelmann Spruce, Finnish Birch - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) Here we GO! After a wave of rave reviews from the likes of the great Tony Polecastro and powerhouse roots duo Larkin Poe, the Beard Deco Phonic Sidecar is once again in stock (though probably not for long!)

This is an original flat top from Beard, world famous makers of the best wood-bodied resonators that we could imagine. The thing that makes the Deco Phonic acoustic guitars so cool is the simplicity of presentation that hides a serious amount of technology and attention to detail. The tops are high quality Engelmann spruce, which eliminates any compression or "boxy" sound in such a small guitar. The back and sides are fine Finnish Birch laminate, super stiff, super stable, and a great way to ensure proper vibration of the Engelmann. The braces are highly sculpted via CNC, cutting down weight without giving up strength. The thin open-pore finish means the guitar breathes and resonates with the best of them.

Our latest Sidecar, which has a size akin to a 14-fret 00, is finished with a sunburst top and has a 1 3/4" nut on its comfortable low-oval neck. String spacing at the saddle is 2 1/8", and the rosewood bridge has boxwood bridge pins. Ivoroid binding on the top, with ivoroid buttons on the Stew Mac Golden Age tuners. Strap button factory installed. Includes quality hard case and a bunch of mojo!

A note about the photographs: the stain on the back and sides of this guitar is very hard for us to photograph accurately.  In person, it can appear very dark brown under certain lights, and dark cherry or mahogany colored under certain lights... both effects are presented in these pics.  

Serial #DPA-122
AMW Price: $1,799 (Online checkout, Beard MAP)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710