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Baleno 12-Fret 0, Adirondack Spruce, Indian Rosewood, Curly Koa Bindings - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) We are always in awe when a new Baleno guitar arrives, and without a doubt, Chuck wrings more tone and presence out of small-bodied instruments than just about anyone.  His 12-fret 0 has become legendary for their warmth and volume, and this shiny new example delivers everything that we could want in such a compact package.  

The top is beautiful Adirondack spruce, the back and sides chocolate-y Indian rosewood.  Mr. Baleno keeps the appointments elegant and understated, preferring to keep the focus on the sound, but we're glad that he jazzed this one up with some curly koa bindings!

There is value to spare in the careful construction of every Baleno guitar.  In addition to the premium tonewoods, this guitar has a compound radius ebony fingerboard, hide glue construction on the bracing, a carbon fiber-reinforced neck and 2-way truss rod.  

For specs, this guitar has a 1 3/4" nut, 2 1/4" string spacing at the bridge, and a short 24.9" scale length.  The tuners are Stew Mac Golden Age.  Gloss lacquer finish.  Includes hard case.

Baleno guitars stand proud with the finest builds in the world.  We're always pleased to be able to share his work with our customers!

Serial #97
AMW Price: $3,695 (Online checkout)

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