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2016 Collings C10-35, Sitka, Mahogany, Short Scale - USED - SOLD


(USED) The C10-35 continues the philosophy of the CJ-35, a limited-option model intended to optimize it for a more classic, historically faithful tone… something akin to a perfectly intonating, unusually articulate Gibby.

The body size is exactly the same as a standard C10, that is, inspired by the 14-fret 00 designs that Gibson introduced in the ’20s and ’30s. For the C10-35, Collings and crew have decided on some previously unavailable custom specs that add up to more of a “vintage” sound and feel. The “Vintage Now” neck, which has more mass than the “C” shape found on a typical C10, balances perfectly with the light body build, and the short scale length give the instrument a more relaxed feel and warmer tone. The nut is 1 3/4″ and the saddle spacing is slightly wider than usual at 2 3/8″. The bracing has been modified as well, and the C10-35 comes stock with Adirondack bracing, a tapered (vs scalloped) X-brace and an abbreviated tongue brace.

We LOVE the visuals of the C10-35, they are the very picture of economy. This one has a natural, non-bursted top, with a brilliant consistency of color and grain lines… a master-grade piece of topwood if we’ve ever seen one! The binding is simple ivoroid and there is no purfling. The binding is set off nicely by the ivoroid tuner buttons and bridge pins. To achieve the weight and tonal qualities that Collings was looking for in the “35” series instruments, he is using Wenge for the fingerboards and bridges.

You’ve probably heard us talk about how we love the C10 for its versatility and for the fact that we can customize it with almost endless options, from tonewoods to scale length to cosmetics.. but there is something about this distillation, this boiling down to the pure essence of what a C10 truly is, that makes the C10-35, like the CJ-35 before it, very addictive to play and listen to.

This guitar is in minty condition with no issues.  

Serial #26311 (2016)
AMW Price: $4,595 (Online checkout)

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