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1965 Gibson ES-120T, Laminated Maple, Single Coil Neck Pickup - USED


(USED) If you likes vintage Gibsons and you likes the skinny necks, and ESPECIALLY if you likes quirky pickguard configurations... boy, do we have the guitar for you!  This 1965 ES-120T is, let's face it, SO 1965!  It's a non-cutaway thinline, fully hollow, and sports a single single-coil pickup in the neck position.  Doesn't seem particularly interesting or versatile, does it?  Here's the thing: this guitar has VIBE for days, the tone is sweet and mellow, and they pretty much nailed it with this sunburst!  We actually think this guitar has spirit that can't be denied, as evidenced by the lovely playing of Mike Baggetta in the demo. 

Thin neck?  Quite!  Very low profile with 1 9/16" nut and just under 2 1/8" string spacing at the saddle.  Short scale (about 24 3/4") with rosewood fingerboard and bridge, nickel tailpiece.  The bulbous raised pickguard sports tone and volume knobs.  All-original everything including Kluson tuners w/ white plastic buttons. 

The condition is excellent, with a few small dings, hard to detect finish checking throughout and minor fret wear under the unwound strings.  Includes hard case.

Serial #362279 (1965)
AMW Price: $2,495 (Online checkout, ON CONSIGNMENT)

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