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1955 Gibson ES-175D Archtop Guitar, P90 Pickups, Cutaway, Sunburst - USED - SOLD


(USED) This one will be a dream find for some of our jazzers!  This ES-175D was built in 1955 and comes to us in superb condition.  It has been re-fretted and has a few cosmetic bumps and bruises, including a few surface dings and a few light chips on the headstock... but the sound, playability and overall vibe are exquisite!

Enjoying the longest production run of an electric guitar, Gibson made the ES-175 from 1949 to 2017, and it has been a stalwart of jazz, blues and even rock and roll ever since its introduction.  These laminated maple guitars were originally meant to be a less expensive alternative to Gibson's flagship L5 archtops, but they easily eclipsed that model in popularity as the years went by.  The P90 version ran for just  a few years in the mid-50s before being replaced with humbuckers, and now the P90 configuration is prized for the roundness of tone.  This guitar has a 1 11/16" nut and a full but not uncomfortable C neck profile.  

Excellent setup and all electronics are working perfectly.  This one has the goods!  Includes non-original (but very high quality) tweed-style TKL hard case.  Original hang tag also included!

Serial #A 30249 (1955)
AMW Price: $8,250 (SOLD)

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