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1948 Martin T-15 Tiple, All Mahogany - USED


(USED) We don't see one of these every day!  The tiple is a South American guitar-family instrument that has been around since the mid 18th century.  While it is most associated with Columbia and is their national instrument, variants have also emerged from Puerto Rico, Cuba and other Hispanic countries, and during the ukulele craze of the 20s-40s they were even made by CF Martin right here in America.

This example comes to us in very nice condition.  If you're wondering the tuning, it is A4 A3 • D4 D3 D4 • F#4 F#3 F#4 • B3 B3 (wound octave-lower strings are A3, D3, and F#3).  There are other tunings available to suit different styles of music, see this article for more info:  

This is a lightly built instrument with a warm, strong sound.  Ready to get adventurous?  Ready to be a tiplista?  Just a fan of unusual stringed instruments?  It's here waiting for you!  Includes hard case. 

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