Waterloo Winter Trade In Event!

Maybe you’re ready for something different?  A guitar that is built to an incredibly high standard, but with an incredibly simple mission… a straight-ahead, honest tone and feel, a harkening back to a simpler time.  Well, Waterloo has arrived to scratch that very itch!

In the months of November and December, we’re making you a straight-ahead, honest offer: your used small-shop guitar (think D2H, D1, TD-R, Country Boy, etc) straight up for a brand new Waterloo… a guitar that you’ll want to take with you everywhere, that you’ll want to put through its paces in the studio and on the stage.

We’ve long been wild about Waterloo Guitars, and we think it’s high time that you got your hands on one.  If there’s a guitar in your stable that isn’t getting enough play time, send it here and have us send you your new best friend!  Dozens of instruments in stock! Call for details!

Check out our inventory of Waterloo Guitars here.  Don’t see it on the site?  There’s a good chance we have it, give us a call!

Call us at (412) 422-0710 or send an email to info@acousticmusicworks.com for more details!