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Troublesome Creek "Loretty Banjolynn" Folk Banjo, Adirondack Spruce, Walnut - NEW

(NEW) Here's something new and interesting from the Troublesome Creek shop!  As you may know, Troublesome Creek is a not-for-profit woodshop and school where luthiery skills are taught to people in recovery from addiction.  We love the mission of Troublesome Creek, and their instruments never fail to intrigue us.  

So this folk/mountain banjo is different from other banjos in that it is entirely made of wood, not a plastic or skin head stretched over a wood or metal rim.  It has an Adirondack spruce top with tone-bar bracing and F holes, much like a flat-top mandolin would have.  The back and sides are pale figured walnut, and the walnut neck has the fretboard integrated (one piece, in other words) scooped and with a hard "V" profile.  It is long scale, 27 1/4" to be precise, and it has a 1 3/8" ebony nut.  The tuners are open-gear Grovers.  

The sound is very nasal and old-time-y, but also very pleasant.  The sound port in the side of the rim adds an airy element to the tone.  The rim diameter is just about 11" and the whole thing weighs just over 2 lbs!  Includes gunny sack sewn at Troublesome Creek.  

For those who love unique folk instruments, built for a good cause!

Serial #237
AMW Price: $475 (Online checkout, Troublesome Creek MAP price)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710