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Troublesome Creek Honeybee HM-1 Mandolin, Torrefied Adirondack Spruce, Walnut - NEW

(NEW) This might be our sweetest Honeybee yet!  Troublesome Creek are a wonderful non-profit luthiery school and shop that trains and employs people in recovery to create well designed, affordable handmade instruments.  Their instruments are made with excellent locally-sourced tonewoods, and are lightly built with a mix of classic style and modern flare.  The Honeybee looks like a flat-top or "pancake" mandolin, but they've actually put a very subtle arch into the top via the bracing, and this produces a more robust, more complex sound.  

The tonewood combo here is unusual but inspired: torrefied Adirondack has a quick response, dimensional stability and lots of volume.  Figured walnut has a lot of the dry fundamental of mahogany, but with more sustain... and with more overtone than maple, usually utilized on mandolin family instruments.  The tone profile is a bit more "folky" than an F-hole instrument, but has a certain richness to it.  It's a pretty versatile little mando.  

1 3/32" nut width, ebony fingerboard and bridge.  Full gloss finish with ivoroid top binding, single-band rosette and fire stripe pickguard.  Closed-back Kluson tuners with cream buttons.  Includes TKL hard case. 

Buying a Troublesome Creek instrument is rewarding in a lot of ways!  We are proud to support this great cause.  

Serial #126
AMW Price: $2,095 (Online checkout)

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