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Recent Bishline Oakie 11" Open-Back Banjo, Dobson Tone Ring - USED - SOLD


(USED) We're big fans of Bishline banjos, and the Oakie is his open back offering.  It's a mahogany instrument with a Dobson tone right, and we've sold a bunch of them!  We were very happy when this one came back to us for consignment.  It has been played a bunch, used but certainly not abused.  There is some wear on the head, some tarnish on the coordinator rod and minimal fret wear.  The original straight bridge has been replaced with a Moon bridge, for improved intonation, and it also has an upgraded tailpiece.  

With the Dobson ring, this banjo has a little more "pop" and a little less "cluck", which appeals to players who straddle bluegrass and old time styles. Like all Bishline banjos, it plays like butter, with low action and light strings standard. Regal brass hardware, wooden arm rest, traditional yet minimal inlays and original hard case included.  

Serial #1518

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710