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Plunky Pisgah Possum 11", Short Scale, Cherry, Aged Brass, Skin Head - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) The plunky Pisgah Possum isn't Popular just because of the alliteration, but it sure doesn't hurt!  Seriously, though, there's so much to love about these banjos.  With instruments made with sustainable tonewoods exclusively, Pisgah is just a wonderful company building wonderful banjos (and staying carbon neutral in the process!)

The Possum has a cherry neck and 11" rim and a persimmon fingerboard.  We opted for aged brass hardware on this one, and a great looking goat skin head.  The scale is short at 25 3/8", the nut width is 1 9/32".  Vintage heel, planetary tuners, star inlay on the peghead and spiked at fret 7.  Includes Pisgah branded soft case, and life-affirming joy in every pluck. 

Serial #2815
AMW Price: $1,925 (Online checkout, Pisgah MAP price)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710