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Pisgah Appalachian 11" Open-Back Banjo, Maple, polished brass Hardware - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) Yeehaw, The 2022 Pisgah banjos are arriving!  This 11" Appalachian is mostly standard, with a maple neck and rim, rolled brass tone ring and vintage heel.  It also has a persimmon fingerboard. To this we've added J.B. Schall ball shoes, spikes at frets 7 and 9, and polished brass hardware.  Pretty! Includes Pisgah soft case (Access gig bag). New Pisgah orders are backed up twelve months, this one is available now! Whatcha waiting’ for?    :-) 

Serial #2200
AMW Price: $1,625 (Online checkout, 2022 MAP price)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710

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