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Pisgah 11" Wonder Open-Back Banjo, Maple, Eclipse Bridge - NEW

(NEW) Pisgah's interpretation of the Vega Little Wonder has an old school sound and vibe.  It has maple for the neck and rim, and a reproduction Little Wonder tone ring.  This one is short 25 1/2" scale and is fitted with the Eclipse bridge for more precise intonation.  Spiked at the 7th.  

  • Stained Curly Maple neck and rim
  • Vintage head stock
  • Vintage heel
  • Richlite fingerboard
  • S-style frailing scoop
  • Quilted star inlay
  • Delrin nut
  • Traditional dowel stick construction
  • Brass side dots
  • Metallic face dots
  • Two way adjustable truss rod
  • Remo renaissance head
  • Pisgah Hawktail tailpiece
  • 18 notched tension hoop
  • Gotoh tuners
  • Aged brass Balsam Banjoworks hardware all made in USA
  • J.B. Schall Style Ball Shoes
  • PBCO banjo strings
  • Pisgah limited lifetime warranty
  • Nickel hardware custom orders only
  • Price includes Access stage one case w/PBCO logo

Serial #2821
AMW Price: $2,549 (Online checkout, Pisgah 2024 MAP price)