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OME Juniper Guitar Banjo, Maple, Mahogany, 12" Rim, Armrest - NEW

(NEW) We here at Acoustic Music Works have made it our personal mission to evangelize the guitar banjo, or "banjitar" as it is sometimes known.  This instrument not only has a rich history in country blues and ragtime music (see Reverend Gary Davis) but in recent years, artists from Taylor Swift to the Dixie Chicks have also rocked these hybrid machines on stage and in the studio.  Since OME does everything "banjo" at the highest level, we knew that they would bring the same attention to its more guitar-oriented cousin. 

This Juniper has a maple rim with light figuring and a smooth satin lacquer finish.  It has a Tortoid rim cap, double bound and capped Renaissance head, No-knot tailpiece, and a radius bridge to match the radius'd ebony fingerboard.  The scale is 26 1/4" inch, with 1 11/16" nut width and 2" string spacing at the saddle.  The mahogany neck has a comfortable "D" shape and smooth satin varnish finish.  The tuners are enclosed nickel Schallers.  Wooden armrest.  

While many 12" open-backs can have an unfocused sound that benefits from additional muting, this guitar banjo has a more focused sound with controlled overtones, a medium note decay and a distinctive haunting quality to the tone.  A lovely natural reverb exists in the middle range of the fingerboard, and with 22 frets clear of the body, there are a lot of notes and tonalities to explore!  Includes padded soft case.

Serial #7401
AMW Price: $3,680 (Online checkout, OME MAP price)

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