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OME 11" Wizard Open-Back Banjo, Cherry, Wood Armrest - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) These days, a fine old time banjo brings many of us a sense of peace.  Plucking those plaintive melodies transports a person to a simpler time, a respite from the modern world that is always welcome and waiting.  What better than working through those tunes on a banjo built by one of the world's finest, OME banjos?!

We cherish every OME that passes through our doors, we consider it a rare treat and a real honor to sell these instruments.  This 11" Wizard has cherry body and neck, both with light figuring, and the combination of the wood and the aged brass hardware presents a classic and elegant look.  It's not plain, though, and the contrast of the lightly figured wooden armrest, fingerboard and the beautiful figured ebony peghead veneer really ties it all together.  

This 11" banjo has tone rim construction, is 25 1/2" scale with 1 5/16" nut and string spacing of 1 3/4" at the bridge.  The 23/32" bridge gives excellent string height with great "plunk" and volume.  Includes hard shell case. 

Serial #7374
AMW Price: $2,665 (Online checkout, OME MAP price)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710