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Huss & Dalton TD-R Pilgrim, Large Soundhole Dreadnought, Thermo-Cured Adirondack, Brazilian - NEW

(NEW) This extraordinary dreadnought by Huss & Dalton is among the best we've ever heard!  This guitar has a big, powerful voice.  The bass is rich and authoritative, but never tubby.  The mids and highs are articulate and round, never harsh or bright.  The harmonic content coming from this guitar is off the charts!

Are we surprised?  We are not.  This guitar was built by the capable H&D crew using only the best thermo-cured (torrefied) Adirondack spruce and incredible old growth Brazilian rosewood, some of the last from the fabled Euphonon collection.  These are the best materials available, and H&D knew exactly what to do with them.

The Pilgrim is their large soundhole dread, modeled visually after Tony Rice's famous instrument (ivoroid binding, bound neck, no logo on the front of the peghead) Bigger soundhole doesn't always mean bigger bass, though this one happens to have it in spades!  We definitely hear an extra layer of tonal complexity that is extremely pleasing.  

For specs, we've got a 1 3/4" nut, 2 1/4" string spacing at the saddle, and long 25.4" scale length.  The ebony fingerboard has no fret markers, but of course there are side dots on the neck binding.  Herringbone top trim, zipper back strip.  Waverly open back tuners.  Includes tweed style TKL case, but talk to us about a Calton upgrade, won't you?

One of the strongest guitars in the shop, without a doubt.  

Serial #6001
List Price: $15,547... AMW Price: $13,990 (Online checkout)

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