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Huss & Dalton T-0014, Bearclaw Italian Spruce, Beeswing Mahogany - NEW

(NEW) What a great little guitar!  The T-0014 has become one of our favorite small-body options because of its light weight, comfort and of course its strong sound.  Indeed, this model is smaller than an orchestra model but can easily match it in volume and presence.  Win win!  

Bearclaw Italian spruce top gives the instrument a lush sound, but still with ample articulation and note separation.  The Beeswing mahogany doesn't have much effect on the sound vs standard Honduran mahogany, but it sure looks pretty and this one has the right weight/stiffness to make a very light and well balanced small guitar.  For cosmetics we kept it clean and classy, with black/white/black top purfling, abalone rosette, ebony neck and body binding and snakewood buttons on the Waverly tuners (very nice match for the Beeswing!) 

For specs, this guitar has a 1 3/4" nut, 2 1/4" string spacing at the saddle, is short scale (24 7/8") and has a mahogany neck with satin finish and modified "V" profile.  The fingerboard, bridge and pins are ebony.  Includes TKL hard case w/ distinctive H&D tweed look.

A VERY impressive offering from our friends at Huss & Dalton!

Serial #5951
List Price: $7,235... AMW Price: $6,510 (Online checkout)

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