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Huss & Dalton FS Custom, Thermo Cured Sitka Spruce, Malaysian Blackwood Back/Sides - NEW

(NEW) Here's one that we've never done before, building on Huss & Dalton's great mid-sized FS platform.  The FS was intended to bridge the gap between smaller bodied guitars like 00s and bigger instruments like dreadnoughts.  It is approximately the size of a classical guitar, but has a deeper body than an 00 or OM, thus a stronger bass response.  

Our go-to top these days, for both tone and value, is thermally cured (torrefied) Sitka spruce.  This set is VERY tight-grained and has some nice streaks of bearclaw.  We really like the warmth it offers on many body sizes, and paired with the Malaysian blackwood back and sides it has a complex tone with great representation of all sonic registers, high clarity but nothing "bright" about it.  

The figured wood on the back/sides is pretty visually stimulating, but we decided to dress this one up further with bloodwood binding on the body, neck, peghead and end wedge.  

For specs, we've got a 1 3/4" nut, 2 5/16" string spacing at the saddle, and long 25.4" scale length.  The fingerboard is ebony with offset pearl dot inlays, and there is an ebony pyramid bridge with ebony pins.  The tuners are chrome Gotoh 510s (smooth!)

A killer guitar of the not-too-big not-too-small persuasion!

Serial #5965
List Price: $8,978... AMW Price: $8,080

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710