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Huss & Dalton DS Custom, Thermo-Cured Sitka Top, Mahogany Back and Sides - NEW

(NEW) We have many a customer who can be hypnotized by a pearly, sparkly guitar.  For some players, there is no limit to their love for "bling".  Well, we probably have even more customers who see all of that shell and say to us "Yeah, that's nice.  But that ain't ME."  These players are sound hounds.  They like their chosen instrument to be unassuming... they don't want you to realize that they're about to tear the roof off!

In that spirit, we present this *perfectly* plain DS custom from our friends at Huss & Dalton, visually no-fuss but musically all-tone.  We order a LOT of guitars from H&D with thermo-cured (torrefied) Sitka because it seems to fit their voicing perfectly.  Vintage-inspired but with modern intonation/articulation, the torrefaction adds to the experience by providing a played-in sound, right out of the box.  On a short scale, mahogany Slope D, it all comes together perfectly.  

...and there are a few more upgrades under the hood!  The stiff Adirondack bracing is connected via hide glue.  Hide glue is still the glue of choice for builders who appreciate the old ways, and using it on the top braces gives the tone a little more vintage flavor.  The bridge and fingerboard have also been upgraded, to lovely Brazilian rosewood.  Numbers-wise, we've got short 24 3/4" scale length, a 1 3/4" bone nut and 2 7/32" string spacing at the saddle.  The body is bound in ivoroid, and the tuners are classic looking Gotoh TK-0700s with cream buttons.  This guitar includes the original tweed colored hard case, of course!

Serial #5651
List Price: $6,312... AMW Price: $5,680 (Online checkout, H&D MAP price)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710