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Huss & Dalton Crossroads 13 Custom, Sinker Redwood, Sinker Mahogany, Deep Body, 13 Fret - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) For fans of smaller guitars, and the L-00 shape in general, we're very proud to present this new spin on the model, a collaboration with our great friends at Huss & Dalton.  We wanted them to build us something like we've never heard, a comfortable small guitar that would have ample depth of tone, a distinctive richness, and as quick a response as possible.  This custom Crossroads 13 model met and exceeded all of our expectations.  

The tone wood choice was the first piece of the puzzle.  We've had much success with redwood from H&D, and the sinker redwood guitars we've had have been sublime.  Redwood shares a similar tonal texure to cedar, but is stiffer overall and has more headroom.  Sinker redwood is visually striking, with dark streaking from the mineral deposits it picked up while submerged under water.  The sinker mahogany that was used on the back and sides has a lot of the same characteristics, stiffer and visually affected by the mineral content.  This particular set has some of the most figure of any set we've seen, and has an almost rosewood-like appearance.  You might stare at the guitar for a good while before you actually start playing it!  We wanted to complete the visual with flamed koa binding and an abalone rosette.  

The guitar gets much of its sound and feel from the specs, as well.  The 13-fret body joint is a revelation on L-00 models, as it splits the difference between the projection of 14 frets and the deeper bass of 12.  Speaking of deeper bass, you definitely won't mind that we had this one built with a deeper body, a little over 4 1/2" at the tail block.  This increases bass and richness, you'll hear it immediately.  

The nut is 1 3/4" and the neck is a *very* subtle modified V.  String spacing at the saddle is 2 5/16".  This is a short scale instrument, 24 3/4" to be exact.  Ebony parts, including a dark peghead overlay that really makes the Huss & Dalton pearl logo pop.  The tuners are super-smooth Gotoh 510s.  There is a teardrop pick guard included on the side, which can be installed with purchase of the guitar, if the customer desires.  Includes H&D branded tweed TKL case. 

As an extra-special bonus, check out the video of our good friend Dale Adam (aka the Tone Doctor) as he gives an in depth demonstration and description of the instrument!  Be sure to check out and subscribe to Dale's excellent YouTube channel!

One of the coolest little guitars we've ever commissioned from Huss & Dalton!

Serial #5524
List Price: $7,550... AMW Price: $6,795 (Online checkout, H&D MAP price) 

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710