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Huss & Dalton 25th Anniversary TD-R, Thermo-Cured Adirondack Spruce, Old Growth Brazilian - NEW - SOLD

- SOLD - 

(NEW) Our friends at Huss & Dalton have been making some of the worlds best flat top guitars (and banjos, and electric guitars!) for the last 25 years.  A fortuitous call from one of their longtime wood suppliers, Mr. Walter Lipton of Euphonon Co, resulted in the procurement of a small supply of old growth, master grade Brazilian rosewood.  This wood, seasoned in Mr. Lipton's loft for 40 years, was the inspiration for their run of 8 dreadnoughts and OMs, meant to celebrate the 25th anniversary of H&D.  

The resulting guitars are, in a word, stunning.  We had the rare privilege of being afforded both a dread and an Orchestra Model, and both instruments easily took their place in our memories as two of the most wonderful guitars we had ever known.  

The visuals on display are, of course, as fancy as it comes.  45-style Paua pearl trim adorns the rosette, top border, sides and back.  The custom Floral Grace vine inlay on the fingerboard (thank you Jodie Davis!) along with the Jescar gold fret wire and engraved Waverly tuners means that the neck and peghead are at peak bling.  The body, neck and peghead are fully bound in figured Koa.  The thermo-cured (torrefied) Adirondack spruce is tight-grained, and the Brazilian rosewood has gorgeous spiderweb figure.  Sublime.  Other details include inlayed flourishes on the wings of the bridge and un-dyed bone nut, saddle and end pin.  

We are offering our 25th Anniversary Huss & Dalton guitars with a complimentary Calton fiberglass flight case.  Any color in our inventory can be chosen to accompany your instrument, providing the best protection possible.  

Serial #5552 (#2 of 8 instruments)
AMW Price: $20,000 (SOLD) 

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