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Huss and Dalton FS Standard, Engelmann Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides - NOS

(NOS) One of our favorite models from Huss & Dalton is their original design, the FS.  These guitars are in the sweet spot between dreadnought and OM, blending the bigger bass of the former with the balance and comfort of the latter.  Designed with the fingerstyle player in mind, it features an extremely comfortable satin neck with super-smooth Gotoh 510 tuning machines, as well as a cutaway for easy access to the top frets.  The Engelmann spruce top means quick and full response with even the lightest touch, and we built this one with mahogany back and sides for crispness, clarity and sparkle.

This FS has 1 23/32″ nut width, which has grown increasingly popular over the last couple years, particularly with fingerstyle players… we hear the words “just right” a lot from the players who favor this spec.  2 5/16″ string spacing at the saddle means plenty of breathing room for the right hand.

Other cosmetic features include maple bound body and fingerboard, abalone rosette and H&D’s ebony pyramid bridge.  An extremely responsive and elegant instrument in every way, the FS looks and sounds like a dream, and will get better and better as the years go by.  The team in Staunton VA have done it again!

This instrument is being sold as New Old Stock (NOS) without warranty card.  

Serial #4742
New List Price: $4,795… AMW Price: $3,995 (ON SALE)

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