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Huss and Dalton D-RH Custom, Torrefied Sitka, Cocobolo - NEW

(NEW) When we happen upon the perfect formula for a great guitar, the right tonewoods, the right shape, the right builder, we tend to order it again and again... and the D-RH is probably the 5th or 6th guitar with these speds that we've ordered from Huss & Dalton in the last year!  If we could get more Cocobolo, we'd probably order even more!

Seriously, though... these guitars are LOUD.  The D-RH really takes the square shouldered dread idea to the next level, and Huss & Dalton have made some subtle design changes that pay big dividends.  Compared to a traditional dread, the H&D has a slightly larger sound hole, tempering the bass and adding complexity to the tone.  It also has a tighter top and back radius, which also considers to the sound and the structure of the instrument.  Torrefied Sitka spruce sounds incredible paired with Cocobolo, it's a just-right blend of warmth and articulation that has a ton of horsepower.  When we hand one of these to a customer, the common response is "OMG!"

Specs: 1 23/32" nut, 2 3/16" saddle spacing.  Maple body binding with herringbone top trim.  Modified "V" neck with satin finish, gold closed-gear Gotoh tuners.  Cocobolo peghead veneer.  Included original hard case. 

One of the best sounding dreads available and a shop favorite!

Serial #5213
List Price: $5,505... AMW Price: $4,950

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