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Huss and Dalton Custom Crossroads, Thermo-Cured Red Spruce, Adirondack Spruce, Mahogany L-00 - SOLD


(NEW) The L-00 shape is a classic, and believe it or not, it’s not easy to get everything just right. Some builders’ versions are too sweet, some too boxy and compressed… but one shop that has nailed the tone and vibe of a pre-war L-00 is Huss & Dalton with their Crossroads. When it was introduced a few years back, it quickly became one of their most popular offerings. It’s a feather-light mahogany guitar with plenty of dry, woody tone to satisfy even the most skeptical Gibby fan.

Pre-war tone starts with Adirondack spruce, and the top and braces on this Crossroads are made from just that. The top has been thermally cured or torrefied to advance the age of the wood, contributing to a more played-in sound and a quicker response with more headroom. Indeed, though the Crossroads is a fingerpicker’s dream, it isn’t afraid of a flatpick in the least, and is as comfortable playing reels and fiddle tunes as it is playing country blues.

1 3/4″ nut width with 2 3/8″ string spacing at the saddle. Fast matte-finish on the neck. Short scale with rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Cream body binding and three-ring rosette. Relic’d Waverly open-back tuners complete the look. Includes original tweed-style TKL hardshell case.

Serial #4946
List Price: $5,350… AMW Price: $4,815

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