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Huss and Dalton Crossroads 13-Fret (Nick Lucas Style) Prototype, Sitka, Mahogany, Deep Body - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) As they often do, the fine folks at Huss & Dalton have once again indulged our requests for a brand new model, a great interpretation of an old favorite.  We love 13-Fret L-00 guitars in the "Nick Lucas" style (with increased body depth) because they take a normally dry, compressed sounding design and expand it into something more lively and versatile.  This new Crossroads 13 does exactly that, and we're happy to say that on the first try, H&D got everything right!

First, let us squash any fears about difficulty adapting to a 13-fret-to-the-body design (vs the much more common 12 and 14-fret configurations)... worry not!  We've found that there is really no learning curve playing one of these, and folks that are more accustomed to playing blues and ragtime on a 12-fret guitar will definitely appreciate the little bit of extra reach above the octave.  Importantly, the 13-fret design splits the difference quite nicely between the directness and projection of a 14-fret L-00 and the more bass-forward tone of a 12-fret.  In other words, it's just about perfect.  The added body depth brings the tone into the OM range, with a rich rumble for its size but no lack of sparkle.  

What's more, the short scale, light gauge strings and very comfortable shallow "C" neck profile (satin finish, nice!) make the playability of this guitar easy-peazy.  It takes very little effort to get this guitar singing, and where we find that many Gibby-style guitars need the sound pulled out of them, the Crossroads 13 gives it up happily with light playing.  This makes it an exceptional fingerstyle or songwriter guitar, inviting you to play as dynamically as you wish.  

Other specs include a 1 3/4" nut, 2 5/16" string spacing at the saddle, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, nice tall bone saddle.  The top is Sitka spruce with a very well executed vintage-style sunburst and the back and sides are (our favorite) Honduran mahogany.  Includes H&D tweed TKL hard case.  

This is the FIRST ONE, folks!  

Serial #5070
List Price: $4,875... AMW Price: $4,387

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