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Gold Tone Béla Fleck "Bluegrass Heart" Resonator Banjo, Mahogany - NEW

(NEW) Béla!

We plead guilty. We, like most guitar and banjo-centric “acoustic” shops have positioned Gold Tone as a brand that focuses on high-quality/high value student-grade, beginner, and intermediate grade instruments. And they are. And they do. 

But the past few years have brought a Golden Age of innovative “folkternative” instruments from Gold Tone, and manyof their instruments rival the best production instruments made anywhere. 

But this instrument is a whole new enchilada. This banjo is not just innovative (owing to Bela Fleck’s and Marc Horowitz’s input) in design but in implementation. It has the fit and finish of a small custom shop and components rivaling the best instruments ever produced. From the radiused fretboard to the tall bridge to the evenness of tone at every fret, this thing is 100% Bela-ready. A banjo that meets Bela’s standards? That’s all we need to know! :-) 

Gold Tone has rightfully joined the ranks of boutique banjo builders and is the rightful heir to the “Mastertone” designation.  Here’s the scoop:

Nut Width: 1-3/8" Bone

Zero Glide Nut Installed
Case: fiberglass hardshell Included

AMW Price: $3,799

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710