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Fender "The Pinwheel" Rotary Speaker Pedal - NOS

(NOS) Fender "The Pinwheel" Rotary Speaker Pedal

  • Rotary speaker guitar effects pedal with all-original Fender circuit
  • 3 different rotary speaker voices, including Fender’s own Vibratone effect
  • Switchable fast/slow speeds for dialing in the perfect sound
  • Onboard overdrive for adding texture to your tone
  • Sensitivity control allows you to change the modulation rate with your playing dynamics
  • LED-backlit knobs make it easy to see your settings on a dark stage
  • Rugged yet lightweight, anodized aluminum chassis

AMW Price: $219.99 (NOS, Store Demo)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710

$219.99 $299.99