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Fender "Marine Layer" Reverb Pedal - NOS

(NOS) Fender "Marine Layer" Reverb Pedal

  • Reverb effects pedal for electric guitar, with Hall, Room, and Special reverb types
  • All-original reverb circuit designed by Fender
  • Reverb tails decay naturally after switching the effect off
  • Ultra-rugged construction with anodized aluminum case
  • Innovative battery compartment makes it fast and easy to change batteries
  • LED-backlit knobs show you your settings at a glance, even on dark stages
  • Dry Kill switch removes your dry signal, for use with your amp's effect loop

AMW Price: $124.95 (NOS, Store Demo)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710

$124.95 $169.99