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Early '60s Epiphone Cortez, FT45N, Kalamazoo Build, Sitka Spruce, Mahogany - USED - SOLD



(USED) The "Folk Scare" was in full swing when this little Epiphone came off the line in Kalamazoo, MI (we're thinking 1963 or 1964) and indeed it has many of the characteristics of guitars from that era.  Rosewood "upside-down belly" bridge with adjustable rosewood saddle, *really* skinny neck (1 9/16" nut width, 2 1/8" string spacing at the saddle) and enough lacquer checking to tell you that it has been around for over a half century.  The condition is actually very good for its age, with very little fret wear, no pitting in the fingerboard, and no repaired cracks or separations.  The action is low and easy, but still with good break angle at the saddle.  The tuners are original and work well.  

The only obvious curiosity on this guitar involves the "E" being removed from the pick guard and used to cover up a decent little gouge on the treble side of the lower bout.  This interesting choice was in place for some amount of time, for the E is long gone but the ghosted image remains (see photos).  Folky, woody sound, nice and dry.  Will suit a singer-songwriter with small hands very, very well.  Includes period-appropriate hard case.

Serial #867992
AMW Price: $1,995 (Online checkout, on consignment)

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