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Collings Vintage-Style Handmade Case, Fits C-10, Waterloo, Gibson L-00 - SOLD


(USED) One of the final and most challenging projects that Bill Collings took on toward the end of his life were these bespoke handmade cases.  They were inspired by the sleek, form-fitting instrument cases of yesteryear, but highly engineered to be lightweight, elegant and strong.  For a brief period, these cases were standard with many Collings flat-tops, but costs and logistics (not to mention a worldwide pandemic) brought the case program to a close a few years ago.  Thankfully, we are still able to locate the occasional Collings case in the wild and offer it up for sale. 

This example fits the C-10 and C-10 Deluxe, as well as Waterloo WL-14, WL-12, WL-K, and any model of Gibson (or boutique copy) that measures to the L-00 size specifications.  The fit on these is very specific, and there isn't enough play to fit any other size.  

Condition is excellent, no scuffs or tolex tears.  Instrument not included!

Serial #C10-000042
AMW Price: $1,500 (Online checkout)

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