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Collings OM1Mh Short Scale, All Mahogany, Full-Body Sunburst - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) This is a model that we cherish, as it doesn't come around very often, despite our affections... this is "All Hog" done to the limit, with Collings' undefeated sunburst skills UNLEASHED!  

While our ears naturally seem to gravitate toward spruce, many players have a yearning for the sound of an all-mahogany guitar, and the short scale OM (or 000 in Martin parlance) has proved to be one of the most popular models.  Collings, as usual, takes it to the next level!  Collings has very specific, no-compromise requirements for their mahogany, and they're particularly conscious of weight and stiffness on all-mahogany instruments.  This one feels perfect, sounds amazing and has looks that could kill... 

Full-body sunburst and fully bound in tortoise, with handsome purfling lines throughout to create definition and contrast.  Short 24 7/8" scale length with 1 11/16" nut and 2 3/16" string spacing at the saddle.  Ebony fingerboard with no inlay, ebony bridge and pins with pearl dots.  Mahogany neck with original Collings mod-V profile and Waverly open back tuners.  Includes TKL hard case.

This one will jump out in your collection the way it jumps off of the screen on our website!  Very fine, indeed.

Serial #32841
AMW Price: $7,950 (Online checkout, Collings 2023 MAP price)

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