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Collings OM1A JL, Julian Lage Signature Model, Adirondack Spruce, Mahogany, 1 11/16" Nut - NEW

(NEW) The OM1 JL continues to be one of our most popular Collings guitars.  It's great to see this updated classic getting so much attention, and we're just as smitten as everyone else with the woody tone and smooth satin finish on these instruments.

This guitar comes to us with a striking wide-grained Adirondack spruce top (yes, please!!) and some great looking mahogany.  As a part of the Traditional lineup, the OM1A JL has fish glue construction, Sitka spruce braces, no tongue brace, and a light build for maximum responsiveness.  Unique to the OM1A JL are a few key specs: it has a 1 11/16" nut on a specially shaped neck, based on one of Lage's own favorite vintage guitars.  It has a super-thin lacquer finish akin to those found on the Waterloo guitars.  It also has an old school Collings logo, a throwback to some of Bill Collings' earliest work in the field.

The scale length is 25 1/2" and the spacing at the drop-in saddle is 2 3/16".  Ebony fingerboard with simple dot inlays.  Tortoise body binding with fiber top purfling.  Comes with Nickel Bronze strings standard, and has a rich, dry sound that reminds us of a well-played vintage guitar.  Includes Collings vintage-style hard case.  

Excellent in every way!

Serial #34395
AMW Price: $7,850 (Online checkout, Collings 2024 MAP price)

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