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Collings CW Mh A, Adirondack Spruce, Mahogany, Large Sound Hole - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) For those who like to live high on the hog: the Collings CW, the "signature" guitar that was never exactly that... this dreadnought always stays to a very particular set of specs, and we'll list them for you now: Adirondack spruce top, mahogany back and sides (Indian rosewood is one of the only optional changes, but Bill always loved 'em in mahogany) large soundhole for a more nuanced and complex bass sound, 1 23/32" nut width, 2 1/4" saddle spacing on a cut-through saddle, bound ebony fingerboard with no fret markers, and that good old dalmation pick guard.  Did you catch all that?  Well stop reading and go back to the pictures!

Seriously, though... these are simply excellent bluegrass and flat picking guitars.  They have all of the power and clarity that we've come to expect from Collings, not to mention the cleanest of lines, the best fit and finish in the business, and distinctive good looks.  We've had many a seasoned player's ears perk up when they ripped into a CW for the first time!

Serial #30827
AMW Price: $6,300 (Online checkout, Collings MAP price)

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