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Collings 360 LT-M Limited Edition, Aged Olympic White, Mastery Bridge and Tremelo - SOLD


(NEW) What a guitar!  We are very happy to present the latest and greatest in Collings electrics, this absolutely stellar 7 lb offset wonder from Collings Guitars in Austin, TX.  The 360 LT-M is some kind of hybrid of a LP Jr and a Jazzmaster, and the results are as compelling as you would expect. 

This limited edition model has an aged Olympic White finish, with subtle relic'ing of the hardware, lacquer crazing throughout, but no faux "abuse" like gashes, scratches or dings.  It also features super-cool gold anodized pick guard and plates.  

The body is Alder, 7 lbs with the trem bar in.  The flame maple neck has a "C" profile similar to most Collings electrics, with a 1 11/16" nut.  The Mastery system, if you haven't played one, is simply incredible.  It has an elegant action and it is extraordinarily difficult to knock this guitar out of tune.  The Lollar Jazzmaster pickups sound great, a higher output and thicker sound than your average Fender offset and with a very usable middle position.  

The coolest electric in the store, hands down.  Includes original Ameritage hard case.  

Serial #18633
AMW Price: $5,900