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Chuck Lee Los Brazos De Dios, 12" 6-String Banjo, Banjitar, One Of A Kind! - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) Where do we begin?  Chuck Lee, of Ovilla, Texas, is an artist.  He is a master woodworker, and a banjo builder (and human being) of the highest order.  He's also Santa Claus!  His instruments are as distinctive as the man himself, and there are none, we say NONE more distinctive than this, LOS BRAZOS DE DIOS!  Is it a banjo?  Sure!  Is it a guitar?  Well, yeah, that too!  

The 6-string banjo or "banjitar" isn't a hard concept to understand, it's essentially a guitar wrapped in a banjo's body.  But this hybrid takes it a step further, with its nylon strings and plunky charm.  The material selection is impeccable: Curly maple rim with integral wooden tone ring and Ambrosia curly maple neck, both stained golden brown under amber.  Ebony overlay and peghead tuners, ebony fingerboard.  The finish is hand-rubbed satin oil varnish, this thing is all smooth elegance.  Specs include 1 3/4" nut, 21 frets and a short 22 7/8" scale.  Chuck Lee the banjo builder obviously knows what he's doing!

Chuck Lee the artist has revealed himself in spectacular fashion with this custom, one-of-a-kind mermaid peghead inlay... it's hard to look away.  The entire instrument glows and brims with inspiration.  We are, as always, quietly in awe of Mr. Lee's abilities.

The sound is as unique as you'd expect.  It's plunk-y and plucky with a quick decay but a disarming depth.  It is extremely sensitive to dynamics.  It can be loud and quiet.  It can take a guitar player to whole new places.  It's like nothing else you own.  

Includes Superior hard case. 

Serial #814
AMW Price: $3,975

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