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Bourgeois JOMC-T, Jumbo OM Cutaway, Thin Body, Bearclaw Sitka Spruce, Figured Mahogany - SOLD


(NEW) At AMW we love the following, in no particular order: Bourgeois Guitars, mahogany guitars, Sitka spruce with generous amounts of bearclaw figuring, comfy guitars that sound much bigger than they look... we even love all those "weedly weedly weedly" notes above the 14th fret! Finally, there has arrived a guitar that checks all of our boxes: this new JOMC-T from our buddies in Lewiston ME!

Dana's original Jumbo Orchestra Model (JOM) has long been a favorite with fans of his work, and this year he decided to put a new twist on it by enlarging an OM body without increasing its depth. The dimensions are similar to some M and 0000 models that Martin and others have produced over the years, but the sound is all Bourgeois: big and balanced, dry but not "too dry" and an uncanny tonal response everywhere on the neck. It's a wonderful sounding "OM on steroids" with versatility to spare.

This guitar has a 1 23/32" nut width and standard 2.2" string spacing at the saddle. Beautiful figured tonewoods like the Sitka and mahogany on this guitar deserve a few other deluxe appointments, so this one is fully tortoise-bound, including the neck and peghead, with an extra white purfling line to make the binding pop. This long scale instrument has a cutaway for access to the higher frets, which will take all the "weedly weedly weedly" you can dish out. Open gear Waverly tuners, of course. Includes original TKL hardshell case.

Serial #7913
List Price: $5,440... AMW Price: $4,895