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Bourgeois JOM-T, Jumbo OM, Thin Body, Aged Tone Adirondack, Mahogany, 1 3/4" Nut - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) Our favorite model from Bourgeois these days, the JOM-T does it all... it is truly one of the most versatile guitars we've ever heard. By expanding the dimensions of a traditional Orchestra Model while at the same time retaining its original depth, Dana has created a guitar with extra volume, presence and bass response without sacrificing a bit of projection or clarity. It has to be heard to be believed!

This is our first Aged Tone Adirondack JOM-T with mahogany back and sides, and it's an inspired combination. Dryness, crispness and borderline-dreadnought volume, it ain't your daddy's OM. In our opinion, the torrefaction process that Dana is using on his AT guitars has an extra-special effect on mahogany instruments. It seems to super-charge them and bring about a very pleasing overtone content that we don't hear in the untreated guitars.

Specs on this one, then: 1 3/4" nut with 2 5/16" string spacing at the saddle, long 25.4" scale length, tortoise body binding with b/w/b top purfling. Nickel Waverly tuners, figured Ziricote head and heel caps. Satin finished neck with modified "V" profile. Includes original TKL hardshell case.

Serial #8300
List Price: $5,090... AMW Price: $4,580

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