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Bishline Ziricote Limited Edition, Super-Deluxe Resonator Banjo - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) Quickly becoming our favorite bluegrass banjo to get real creative with regard to custom features, we are proud to feature the Bishline brand from our pal Rob Bishline in Tulsa, OK.

The fit and finish of these banjos rivals the finest (and costliest) instruments on the market and the tone is responsive, strong, musical, and versatile. The playability is unmatched. We simply cannot get enough of them.

If you saw our most recent highly customized Midnight Moon models, which sold in less than ten days each, you’ll appreciate this LIMITED EDITION Ziricote banjo from Rob Bishline!

What is it? Thanks for asking. It’s a Bishline custom resonator banjo with the new Bishline – Blaylock pot assembly (including the Blaylock NEW ERA tone ring) gold plated hardware, tunneled fifth string, and FLAMED MAHOGANY neck and exotic and dense Ziricote wood on the resonator, fretboard, armrest, headstock veneer…everywhere! Look at the subtle wood marquetry, look at the gold hardware, look at the bloodwood purfling! Tone, snap, snarl, growl, tubby, throaty, LOUD! The new Blaylock tone ring is showing up in many of the finest custom banjos including “The Chief” and banjos by the highly regarded Frank Neat. The tone is unsurpassed.

Just arrived! Seriously folks. It is just a “monster” of a banjo in terms of tone, (great pot assembly, great tone ring) playability, and SPECTACULAR in appearance. It is a headturning, eye-catching, jaw-droppingly beautiful and collectible custom instrument. Worthy of the finest player, and deserving of a spot in the finest banjo collection.

If you’ve been looking for something vividly “different”: that will crane necks at every festival but also please the most demanding traditionalist in terms of teeth-rattling, meaty flathead Scruggsy 5-string tone, I say: “We have the banjo you have been looking for.” Call today.

Serial #1384

AMW Price: $7,995 (ON HOLD)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710