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Bishline Midnight Moon, Maple Bluegrass Banjo, Custom Inlay - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) We are always proud to rep the excellent Bishline Banjo Company, and our friend Rob Bishline continues to delight us with his great sounding, easy playing, aesthetically pleasing instruments.

The Midnight Moon is a staple in our shop.  It's both highly artistic, but quietly elegant, and we never tire of seeing the subtle variation in the inlay patterns on the peghead and the resonator.  It's hard to look away, the marquetry inlay is just captivating.  This one is a head-turner, for sure!

But the banjo itself has the tonal goods to back up the fancy looks.  The dependable Bishline tone ring has a deep yet articulate sound, and like many of our reso banjos, it's as loud as you could ever need.  The neck and resonator are maple with translucent stain.  The fingerboard is ebony with Bishline's "Constellation" inlay, and there is a two-way truss rod to adjust relief.  The resonator is bound in flamed koa.  Wooden armrest.  Includes original hard case. 

Stand out from the bluegrass crowd with your Bishline Midnight Moon!

Serial #1521
AMW Price: $3,895

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