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Beard Trailhead Lap Steel, Two-Tone Aqua, Lollar P90s - NEW

(NEW) The badass-ery of Beard guitars in 2024 just can't be overstated.  With the introduction of the Trailhead series, they've shown us all once again why they're on the leading edge of reso phonic guitar building.  Truly, it would be an honor to own something this cool... the pics don't even do it justice.

Solid mahogany body with inlaid two-tone Aqua maple cap.  Pickups are Lollar soapbar P90s.  It has a three-way switch for using either pickup or both at once, and the controls are tone and volume.  Ebony fingerboard with maple inlays.  Scale length is 25".  The finish is satin.  The tuners are black Gotoh.  Includes hard case.

Serial #004-24
AMW Price: $3,500 (Online checkout, Beard 2024 MAP price)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710